World’s First Flying Air Cleaner

- Jul 11, 2017 -

World’s first flying air cleaner

-Drones are being used more and more widely

Have you ever thought that one day the air purifier would be flying around the house?The day has come.The cleaning the small talent is uav air purifier, as long as you can remote control drones, you can use the filter to help you clean the house, remove dust, pollen, and other contaminants in the air.

At 2017 CES in Las Vegas lately, the firm presented what it says is the ‘world’s first flying air cleaner,’ using a drone-based system to remove dust, pollen, and other harmful particles from inside your house.

  Exhibitors demonstrated how the Flying Magic Cleaner would work inside of the home.

The air-cleaning drone generates an airflow as it flies, collecting particles that a vacuum would miss, the creators explain.

  ‘The fabric that goes around the drone has minus ions, which attracts pollutants and particles flying in the air,’ 

  ‘So when the drone takes off for flying, it actually collects particles in the air.’ 

They say this could also be useful outside of the home, to clean the air in school, hospitals, or other larger settings.

  And, it could be a dream-come-true for people who suffer from allergies – it also removes pollen from the air.

  The technology, however, requires an operator that’s skilled at controlling the drone.

  When asked if it was capable of avoiding crashes with household objects or even people, the exhibitors explained that the responsibility is in the hands of the owner.