Unmanned Aerial-Dog Delivery

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Oskar Mayer is America's most prestigious hot dog brand, and if you go to New York you can see Oskar Mayer's iconic orange hot dog car in the streets. Since its inception in 1883, the store has been popular in the United States for 134 years. Now, this century-old shop has also turned to the "fashionable" road, they should use drones "drop" hot dogs! Isn't it super cool!

Come and see Oskar Mayer's Super hot dog car! This wiener drone is specially tailored for the long-distance delivery of hot dogs, the appearance extends the hot dog car's styling, the life time is 15 minutes, may carry a hot dog bag to fly 1 miles or so, the entire process has the sending meal through the remote control, when the UAV recognizes to the consignee, will direct "drops" the hot dog. If the catch technique is not good, is this meal "Rush Street"?

Of course, Oskar Mayer more than a UAV this alternative way of feeding, it also has cross-country remote control car delivery, motorcycle delivery, small truck delivery and so on. It's really pretty cool! Feel that these days do not have to "unmanned equipment" to eat a take-out is outdated!