Market Analysis Of Domestic Civilian UAV Subdivision

- Jun 30, 2017 -

At present, China's unmanned aerial vehicle market is not yet mature, for those who want to enter the field of unmanned aircraft manufacturers, the Chinese market prospects, the next 3 years, unmanned aircraft will be applied to a wider field, which is expected to increase the volume of aircraft UAV shipments more than seven times times. IDC predicts that China's 2019 consumer-level unmanned aircraft shipments will reach 3 million units, compared with 2016 's 390,000 units to achieve substantial growth. Conservative forecast 2023 consumption level and aerial shoot unmanned aircraft 4 million units, each average price of 5000 yuan, then the domestic consumption level of unmanned aerial aircraft market scale of 20 billion yuan.

The aging process of China's population is speeding up, bringing a series of labor market effects: The sustained rise in labor price, the continuous decline in labor participation rate and the negative impact of labor productivity, bring huge impact to our agriculture. At present, China's agricultural production efficiency is low, the development of serious lag in industry and other industries, how to vigorously develop new agricultural machinery is also one of the 4.0 important themes of industry.

As an industrial upgrading tool, the market scale and growth rate of agricultural plant protection UAV are mainly influenced by the following factors: rigid demand, social factor and industrialization degree.