Japan To Operate Training Base For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

- Jun 30, 2017 -

July 1, the largest unmanned aerial vehicle training base in northeastern Japan, "JSS unmanned aerial Vehicle Park" will be opened in Fudao County Jss City, according to Japan's News of production. The training base, covering about 3.9 hectares, will be the largest in northeastern Japan, 0.8 times times the size of Tokyo's giant eggs.

It is reported that this is also the Fudao County Ebss, the south will be the 3rd after the Tianjin-Cho related base.

Japan's unmanned aerial vehicle is expected to be widely used in logistics, disaster correspondence and other fields, the operation of strict technical requirements, and can be restricted in the flying area, the market many people worry about the safety of the UAV. It is also in this context that the local-born tree-planting Meijia decided to use his grandfather's woodland to run a training base.