India Buys American Drones To Keep Watch On China

- Jun 30, 2017 -

June 29 reported that according to the Taiwan "central Agency" June 28, in response to India's purchase of 22 "Sky Guardians" Mq-9b drones from the United States, several Indian media reported that the main target of the PLA Navy submarine units, which were frequently spotted in the Indian Ocean, needed a long period of reconnaissance in the Indian Ocean, which could enhance reconnaissance capabilities.

The report said that in the vast Indian Ocean to search for underwater targets, can carry out a long cruise reconnaissance aircraft is essential, previously India to purchase the United States $literal "Poseidon" reconnaissance aircraft is for this purpose, but the $literal flight cost is higher, and cruise time can not be compared with remote control UAV.

The Mq-9b unmanned aerial vehicle, which has been cruising for more than 35 hours at high altitude in the tens of thousands of meters, is in line with the Indian military's long cruise reconnaissance needs in the Indian Ocean. India's acquisition of the drone will allow the Indian Navy to extend its tight surveillance from the Indian Ocean to the South China Sea.