Foldable Suspension Self-portrait UAV

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Drones are a hot topic now, and drone shooting has been the focus of many people. But there is still not a very mature and stable solution for using drones and shots.

At the end of last year, hover camera passport quietly at Apple's official store, priced at $599 (about 4062 yuan), promised to bring us a brand new UAV photo experience, simply a flying "self-shot", and only connected to the iphone.

Since then, Apple has cut the price of hover camera passport for $499, still exclusive sales in Apple stores, and received many people's love.

Technology is actually hard to quantify, and if you're a professional drone enthusiast, then hover camera passport is not really for you. But if you need more fun self-portraits or shooting, or just want to play, then hover camera passport does have a very good interest.