Amazon Express Unmanned Aerial Tower Application Patent

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Amazon has submitted a new patent application to create a unique, honeycomb-like Operation Center, allowing drones to dock and distribute goods as easily as bees, and to provide unmanned aircraft delivery services to customers living in far-away urban areas.

Amazon's current distribution center, mostly located in the suburbs, is clearly not conducive to the layout of its UAV distribution services. To this end, Amazon submitted a new patent application, ready to create a unique design, the shape of the Honeycomb operation Center, so that drones like bees to dock to pick up goods, carry out distribution, for the urban customers to provide unmanned aircraft delivery services.

The unmanned aerial Vehicle Delivery Operation Center, designed by Amazon, is a beehive-shaped tower with robots inside. Amazon's delivery drones can dock at the Operation center and load the goods for the next single delivery mission.

In the patent claim, Amazon mentions that its existing distribution center covers a large area and can only be built in the suburbs of a city with ample land. Amazon's unmanned delivery service is a popular choice for the Amazon users who have been accustomed to serving the day. As a result, suburban locations are increasingly inconvenient for distribution centers, and Amazon wants to move its distribution centers near densely populated urban areas.